Delete protected partitions with windows

Sometimes it comes to a time where you need to delete partitions with windows and the diskmanager is not able to.

I got a harddrive with 6 windows partitions here. To delete them all you can use a commandlinetool called diskpart.

Start a console with administrative rights and type-in


After this you can list all your disks with

list disk

select your preferred disk. Best thing is to choose them by the size. If you have two equal sized disks just disconnect the one, list the disks and then connect it again, list the disks and you see which one is new.

DISKPART> list disk
Datenträger ### Status Größe Frei Dyn GPT
 --------------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
 Datenträger 0 Online 149 GB 0 B
 Datenträger 1 Online 119 GB 0 B

Now select the disk with

select disk 0

now you can list the partition

list partition


Partition ### Typ Größe Offset
 ------------- ---------------- ------- -------
 Partition 1 Primär 149 GB 1024 KB

now you can select the partition

select partition 0

and delete the partition with

delete partition override

the parameter override is needed for protected partitions.

For more partitions and harddrives you can prepare something like this:

select partition 0
delete partition override
select partition 1
delete partition override
select partition 2
delete partition override
select partition 3
delete partition override
select partition 4
delete partition override
select partition 5
delete partition override
select partition 6
delete partition override

And dont forget the last <Return>

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