Windows Commandline (Batch) loading function

To make a “nice” loading screen in the Windows commandline (batch) you can use this script. It shows a textmessage while having a spinning bar on the left until you create a folder named C:tempspinner.

As you can see there are special characters inside this script which are backspaces. In a HEX Editor it looks like this

These are HEX 0x08 characters which you can’t find on your keyboard, but can type in with a HEX Editor. You can also copy the characters in notepad if you do not want to install a HEX Editor.

Be aware that this function only goes back a character, but does not delete it. If you want so you can add 79 spaces after the backline to do so. (If you took 80 spaces, the horizontal length of the commandline, it makes a carriage return where you can’t go back up again)

Download Batch-Loading-Script


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