Raspberry Pi – Only Red (Power) LED is on – Raspberry Pi does not boot

Have you had this problem? You bought a new Raspberry Pi, flashed a new Image from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads (2013-09-25-wheezy-raspbian.zip) and powered in on. What I see is that it does not work. The red power LED is on only and very low light from the ACT LED which does not do anything.
Luckily I had lots of different RPis and SD cards available to dertermine the fault.I tried all combinations with these µ/SD cards and adapters. Here the results:

  • San Disk SD card works on RPi China + RPi UK
  • The Samsung and the SanDisk µSD cards with the San Disk adapter works with both the Raspberry Pis
  • The Samsung and the SanDisk µSD cards with the Samsung adapter works with the Raspberry Pi made in China but it does NOT work with the Raspberry made in UK.

Raspberry Pis with SD+µSD Cards+Adapter

This is a very interesting thing I have not experienced before. I thought all adapters were the same and there could not be any differnce, but there is.

So before declaring your fresh and new Raspberry Pi as faulty check it with another SD card and try to avoid adapters for testing purposes.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – Only Red (Power) LED is on – Raspberry Pi does not boot”

  1. are the cooling elements standard on the uk version or are they installed by yourself?

  2. Wow, that’s unreal. I was having exactly this problem, after specifically buying a card that was compatible. I happened to have the SanDisk adapter lying around and that made it work. That’s so strange but I’m glad I found this. Thanks for writing it!

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