Puppet Agent (client) copy-paste script for Debian and Ubuntu

This is a simple script you can copy and paste to your console to install puppet on a new host. You just need to edit the first two lines with the server information and then sign the requested certificate on the puppet master.

# Stefan Süss
# www.sysstem.at
#you only need to edit these 2 lines
DEBIAN_RLS=$(cat /etc/os-release | grep VERSION= | awk -F '('  '{print $2}' | awk -F ')' '{print $1}')
#add server IP to hosts
echo "$SERVER_IP  $SERVER_DNS" >> /etc/hosts
#download the right release of puppet
wget https://apt.puppetlabs.com/$PUPPET_DEB
#install the package
dpkg -i $PUPPET_DEB
#update sources
apt-get update
#install puppet. Needs /dev/null . otherwise it would catch the pasted input
apt-get -y install puppet < "/dev/null"
#remove templatedir
sed -i 's/templatedir/#templatedir/g' $PUPPET_CONF
#insert server
sed -i "s/.*#templatedir.*/&nserver=${SERVER_DNS}/" $PUPPET_CONF
#start puppet agent for the first time (generates the certificate)
puppet agent --onetime --verbose --no-daemonize --waitforcert 1

You can also find the script here: Github

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