Can’t Print FAX files – Workaround

If you have FAX files and open them in Windows with the Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer you may experience the problem that you can’t print the FAX file. Microsoft has not released any patch for this for now.

There is a little workaround to rename the files to .TIFF. But if you have a lot of FAX files it is too much trouble for such a little problem.

Just download this program and move it to a save folder (e.g. C:Windows)

  • Rightclick a FAX file
  • Select open with
  • Select the FAX.exe
  • Be sure to check the box: always open with this program

Here is the original FAX.cmd file

@echo off
set tmpf=%temp%myFAX
set file=%~nx1

if not exist %tmpf% mkdir %tmpf%
if exist %tmpf%%file% erase %tmpf%%file%
if exist %tmpf%%file%.tiff erase %tmpf%%file%.tiff

copy %1 %tmpf%
cd %tmpf%
ren "%file%" "%file%.tiff"
start "" "%tmpf%%file%.tiff"

This file I converted with the Bat2Exe Converter from this site and added a nice icon.

Unpacking CuBox from Solid Run Ltd.

It has been exactly 4 Month since I ordered my CuBox and finally it is here. A nice litte Computer in the formfactor of nearly a cube.

There have been a lot of questions on their official Forum about additional taxes and customs. Here’s some information:

  • Original price: 99 Euro
  • Shipping to Austria / Europe: 30 Euro
  • Taxes / Customs: 25,80 Euro

These three make a total of 154,80 Euro. Still affordable I think.

Front side of the original package

Back side of the original package

Customs letter (25,80 Euro on a base of 129 Euro worth= 20%)

Cubox Package

First opening of the package

Letters removed

Contents (Cubox & Power adapter)

Cubox with all its ports

Cubox upside down (rubber feed)

Power Adapter

Micro SD Card (built in)

Power LED and IR receiver (semitransparent material)


The next days I will post about the inner life of the CuBox (when I find my HDMI cable). Interessting will be the boottime, program start times and so on. Also I will try some things like playing music and videos and maybe playing a 3D game, we will see. Another thing is the real power consumption on idle and on full CPU workload.

Stay tuned!