Unpacking CuBox from Solid Run Ltd.

It has been exactly 4 Month since I ordered my CuBox and finally it is here. A nice litte Computer in the formfactor of nearly a cube.

There have been a lot of questions on their official Forum about additional taxes and customs. Here’s some information:

  • Original price: 99 Euro
  • Shipping to Austria / Europe: 30 Euro
  • Taxes / Customs: 25,80 Euro

These three make a total of 154,80 Euro. Still affordable I think.

Front side of the original package

Back side of the original package

Customs letter (25,80 Euro on a base of 129 Euro worth= 20%)

Cubox Package

First opening of the package

Letters removed

Contents (Cubox & Power adapter)

Cubox with all its ports

Cubox upside down (rubber feed)

Power Adapter

Micro SD Card (built in)

Power LED and IR receiver (semitransparent material)


The next days I will post about the inner life of the CuBox (when I find my HDMI cable). Interessting will be the boottime, program start times and so on. Also I will try some things like playing music and videos and maybe playing a 3D game, we will see. Another thing is the real power consumption on idle and on full CPU workload.

Stay tuned!